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Interesting facts about the cat

The origin of the domestic cat

The predecessor of our domestic cat derived from the Near East, from where they came, probably with sailors about 6.00Jahren to Europe. Quickly people realized how useful it is a cat in their area have since been destroyed by the open storage of food storage lot by mice and rats. People began to tie the cat to her home to keep pests away. At that time, probably the first saucer of milk for a cat was brought to the door. Through their body language, their cleanliness and ultimately their use to people at this time the cat was symbolic in countless stories, legends and fables, for probably an unique human / animal ratio..

The very nature of cat

Our cat is a very headstrong and difficult to erziehendes pet. A cat man to surrender unconditionally and with obedience seems impossible. Cats are very practical on, ie rest, eat, play, hunt ... all that, in so far as possible, our house cat itself a "no" or "come" or possibly "sit" will not work with cats, probably because of there are few trained house cats in circuses or ideas. Despite everything feels connected, man has always been the cat, say umwobene stories of mystical cats, or superstition, will feature a century of old connection.

Adaptation of the cat to humans

Even if, as in the previously described section, an education of the cat was described as very difficult, there are a few tricks that can make us human life with our office tigers uneventful.
Potty training a cat, that is the cat does its excreta on a people prepared by us, and most importantly, well-maintained and cleaned place, is relatively simple, since the cat is a cleanliness-loving animal. The trade is committed to providing innumerable and existing in all price ranges litter boxes. If, after the separation from the mother to the young animal alsgleich such a place will be offered a few times, the cat will perform willingly and of their own business in this space. Cats are buried there as usual to Reinlichkeitdfanatiker their droppings, which means the litter box must be filled with cat litter and cleaned regularly. If this is the case we will not harass people unangnehmen 'odors. The cleaner the litter, the better it will use the cat.
The feeding area and to feed our cat is relatively simple. As we humans need a cat food or drink. As liquid water should be enough, even if it is cat milk from commercial cow is not recommended because it can be difficult to digest the cat. As food there once again whole shelf units with various price of cat food. What is being fed is basically matter only important, no leftovers from the people and always a healthy measure of quantity. The bowl should be eaten empty at 2 meals a day. Cats are allowed to be in the wild will eat on the road at times also a mouse or a bird that is likely to follow but not from hunger, but rather about their game and jobs engine.
Providing food is not enough to maintain a healthy, balanced cat. Like the people belongs to the healthy development and an environment provides the stimuli to employment motiveirt. Cats are hunters, keen observers and very, very playful. With lightning-fast movements they grab their prey. To meet this urge to play to be the best they deal a lot with her cat, should also provide a scratching post to be purchased, where the cat can sharpen their claws. Missing to sleep a cozy and quiet place to rest, here develop the little puss strange tastes ... the linen closet, next to computers and television, cats seem to like electric radiation, or just on the sofa or a chair. Cats like to be where they can see everything, even the will to buy a cat tree just because they often offer higher plateaus.