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Information about cats and scratching posts

Why a scratching post is necessary

Cats are beasts of prey by nature, the claws are a typical example of this species of animal. Beasts of prey are used to care for her claws on real trees in nature. But scratching trees don't only serve for the claw care but also for the area marking. A tree with particularly deep and high scratching traces signals, stop, my area starts here. So these natural scratching trees were used as warning and delimitation of the area of beasts of prey. Also today still, in the apartment but also in the Freigang the cat would like to signal by scratching on the scratching tree, here is my area, I am the boss here. 

Summary: Scratching trees serve the claw care but also the emotional balance of the cat.

Types of scratching posts and scratching furniture


The animal market offers an infinite variety of scratching posts. A crucial feature of all Scratching is a scratch area. This area on the scratching post is usually made from sisal. Alternatively some cat tree manufacturers offer also scratching posts with surfaces of other textile materials.
The lowest commercially available scratching post is usually from 1 to 2 deck areas for the cat, which are covered with synthetic fur, which support the floors of the scratch tree are wrapped with sisal rope. Sometimes the cat tree a cave to sleep for the cat is integrated. This scratching post can be placed freely in any home, as it is available in various sizes.
More space than an ordinary cat tree needs a ton of scratch this type of cat tree offers very large scratch - and deck surfaces, as in the conventional scratching post usually spans with sisal or plush. The scratch ton guarantees many domestic cat scratch pass.
Relatively new on the market are scratching the cat trees made from natural materials such as eg Banana leaves, basket grass or water. This variation of the scratching post is often provided in the form and style very different, but it also, especially with the interesting material, scratch-pass for the cat. Even this cat tree is lying areas, often padded, integrated. At slightly more expensive Kratzbaeumen Beschaeftigungsvarianten game and are integrated at the scratching post.
Exclusive Cat Trees are called design Scratching and usually cost a lot more money than the appropriate scratching posts. These design objects are often made of natural materials or are designed very innovative. This Scratching integrate harmoniously in the living room but also provide as normal scratching, scratching areas and sun loungers. Scratching the design obtained often not in stores usually have to special exclusive online store for cats.
Who are gifted artisan builds a scratching post itself also find themselves in the commercial individual components to customize a scratching tree. To build a cat tree itself requires technical skills and a basic knowledge of the purpose of a scratching post. You can do it to build a scratching postyorself use real tree trunks and branches, this construction is particularly recommended for cat owners who want to offer your cat a scratching post on the balcony. Who dares to this project has a very personal, unique cat tree for his cats.
Most Scratching not only offer scratch surfaces are also often equipped with special accessories for play and dealing with the cat. The scratching post should be cleaned regularly as all pet accessories. The purchase of a used scratch tree is difficult, as the cat is very odor-sensitive, and can avoid the scratching post another cat ev.
Summary: No matter what cat tree is purchased, the only important that the scratching post offers enough space to care for their claws.


Maintenance of scratching posts

Scratching posts, no matter what material should be cleaned regularly. The cat focuses much on cat tree or on top of it. It is therefore natural to clean the slabs of tree scratch regularly. These are suitable wipes or removing hair. Here, so-called Fusselrollen have proved satisfactory. Sometimes it is necessary on the sisal rope scratch ordinary share. One should also be careful, especially with cheaper Kratzbaeumen that hurt the cat to metal brackets can not. Who holds several cats creates, often for each cat in a personal scratching post. Or it is set up in several rooms a scratching post.


The scratching tree should be cleaned regularly and checked on damages like feeding bowls or toys. Broken scratching trees represent an injury risk and look unsightly.


How do I accustom a cat to a scratching piece of furniture?

It isn't natural that a cat selects the scratching tree by itself for the claw care. Sofas, wallpapers or carpets are often fundamentally more popular. To spare the expensive furnishings and accustom the cat to the scratching tree, there are well compatible tips. On the one hand, one can lead the young cat to the scratching tree with her claws cautiously or put the animal at the recognizable Bedürfniss of the cat for the claw care to the scratching tribe. Furthermore there are attractants in the animal trade in liquid form, the attached at the be supposed to promote scratching tribe, the desire to the Krallenpfle. The scratching tree at a place should in the end suit the one for the cat easily accessibly is and a pleasant atmosphere offers.


One should consistently and regularly lead the cat to the scratching piece of furniture. The scratching tree should be at one for the cat angnehmen place.