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Scratching Post LAMINA
Scratching Post LAMINA
Katzen Kratzbaum Lamina Platte
Katzen Kratzbaum Lamina mit Fell
Scratching Post Lamina Pole
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Scratching Post LAMINA

Products model: LAMINA 001
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Product description

The scratching post LAMINA is made from solid wood and available in beech, maple or oak. The thickness of the wood of the floor board of the of 4 cm ensures strength and stability. The sisal rope is tightly wrapped and sticked around a solid natural trunk and provides a large area to maintain the claws of the cat in a natural way. The scratching post has a lying surfaces of approximately 40 cm x 40 cm, it is covered with pure wool felt in a thickness of 6mm. The felt is combed in a fine way and offers a hard-wearing layer. A hard wax finishing of the wood gives the scratching post long lasting natural protection

Felt colors

felt color schwarzBlack
felt color grauGrey
felt color anthrazitAnthracite
felt color braunBrown
felt color weinrotWine red
felt color aubergineAubergine
felt color blauBlue
felt color rotRed

Product information

  • floor board in beech, maple or oak 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • material thickness floor board 4 cm
  • solid tree trunk tightly wrapped and sticked with natural sisal rope
  • trunk diameter 14 cm
  • lying surface 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
  • Material thickness lying surface 2 cm
  • lying surface sticked with black natural felt 6 mm
  • solid wooden components treated with hard wax
  • weight 29 kg


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